Friday, November 11, 2011

simple necessity - first aid kit

For years I have coveted the the cross medicine cabinet designed by thomas ericksson for cappellini knowing full well it was not to be my destiny. I don't have that kind of family, house or husband to be honest

The medicine cabinet & the travel first aid kit. The travel one is easy to keep stocked looks great and is too small for everything you need. The last minute kit I pop together for quick trips is never safe from spills and always a trial and the last thing to be packed... the cabinet at home is has spread to the kitchen also... so that if anything is needed it is always "Fi  where is the..."

I have decided to put one together that does everything we need. 

It needed to fit a space we had 

Have handles
can be wiped out
all products need to be able to stand up
easily accessible.
not too tricky to see in a tent, car, or the dark.

DIY first aid kit.
4 easy steps
1. a red crate ( we do have them lying around)
2. add letters for first aid. Cut strips from the extra paper for the crosses
3. add pouch to the inside ( it's super sticky so add it quick)
4. gather all medicines and pop them inside

what do you think?
a water proof pouch containing scissors, measuring cups, torch etc
bright easy to see
and now the bathroom cabinet 
just has the beautifying bits instead of the avalanche every time you open it
one crate, removable letters, clear pouch.

I do have lots of pouches from a previous shoot. if you would like one with your next order just let us know and we can pop one in.

The best bit of all I have a spare. I made two. Would you like one?
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* winner to be drawn Friday November 18th