Wednesday, November 2, 2011

present ideas

Have you noticed how many people let you know it's the count down to the end of the year. We have plenty of time. plenty of time to give a few thoughts about presents and decorations. 
Over the year we have amassed in our things to do folder quite alot. My aim is to have a cuppa this week and trawl through to see what inspires me. I have just started today  a present for the newest member of or family. Not yet here but thought about often and no we are not getting a dog.... 

We are expecting a nephew or niece in january and so I have asked a friend to teach me to crochet ( using only one kind of stitch) so I can make a baby blanket that will be given to my sister at this christmas.. It's so soft we just keep patting the wool.

We had a wonderful time painting petals on the weekend and have decided to paint many more as our gift tags this year. The fun part is collecting the leaves and petals to paint.

a friend is slowly hijacking her friends kids and photographing them giving a USB and a proof sheet as a gift. she is a creative soul and always thinks of clever things to do.

our guests always anticipate fudge  

What do you make? or hope to make this year?