Monday, October 10, 2011

made in australia interview - innergreen

This weeks interview is with tristan from innergreen. The comfiest cushion fillers ( and pillows ever) we use them for our storage cushions...

Why did you decide on australian made?

Well the product we manufacture is actually more cost effective to produce locally, plus I really loved the idea of contributing to the Australian economy. We now employ over 10 workers and pay our fair share of taxes.

Did you look into manufacturing overseas also?

Yep, we looked into it, but it ends up becoming more costly than if we are to produce locally.

Can you describe the process of idea to first samples? Was the learning curve steep

Well depending on your venture, you need to have cash on hand, and usually twice the amount than you anticipated. I started with ordering samples from overseas suppliers, and then taking the samples to potential customers to see what they though. After getting some good feedback, I order 1000kg of fiber and a small pillow-making machine. I started small, picking up a new customer every day, and working a night job to save more money.

What would you do differently if you did it again.

Take a weekend class on Excel (God’s gift to numbers)

The best thing about australian made.

Paying Australian taxes and providing people with jobs.

What do you hope for Australian manufacturing in the future?

For us, a higher dollar is great, but I know it cripples the export trade. I would have to say, a stable economy would be nice.

Anything else you would like to add?
If your looking to start a business, make sure you wear a rain jacket. You never know what the weathers like around the corner. Have fun, lose it all, and then figure out how to make it back again. Oh, and go to to buy a new Bed Pillow Online