Wednesday, October 19, 2011

lego - an artful solution

As you know we have been dealing with lego here at HQ for a long time now. Not only our but our customers too. Lego is wonderful one of the best present for boys age 3 and over. Our kids spend hours creating amazing ships. the collection now being so large that the constant sound shugsh shugsh shugsh can be heard every morning from around 6am.

Coming up with a very simple, inexpensive and reusable solution. I love this. all the lego is there colour coded with a tabletop on top to keep it all neat. We have used both the bases and the lids of the mini depending on how much of each colour you possess. I was helped by 3 toddlers to sort this today and was hoping to run it by my very critical R&D team.  a tabletop was added on top to keep them together and hidden from view. The result was unanimous. 

it's a winner

shall we call it the lego solution? and make it available in blue, pink, red & white