Friday, October 14, 2011

imagine -

The sacks are back. Each year we have a little look at the colours available ( leftover from a year of knitting) . This is how they arrive and from this we choose. Each year we get a little more adventurous. Red is always popular . Last year we added nautical blue and pink candy stripe.  This year squeaky green. I was hoping there would be a nice sunny yellow on offer but maybe later in the year...

Our clever sales person sascha had the great idea of offering them to kindys as fundraisers. No selling required these sacks they sell themselves. Simple gorgeous fundraising. 

Would you use it as a sleep sack or santa sack? wash bag or for dress ups?

They are arriving on monday... so all of your orders will be shipped on tuesday. Yay... if you haven't ordered yours yet.. it might be time to think about it

we have a great interview lined up for monday.. if you ever wanted to know about gorgeous bed linen....