Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not just labels - chalkboards

chalkboards are sent from our warehouse everyday. There are more than one use for the humble chalkboard. We have many visitors to our home and usually it is chaos. Greeting everyone at the door or letting people know when lunch is or even what lunch is... made easier by the modest chalkboard. 

 if your handwriting is not great play with patterns - as above

On the front door... welcome or we are around the back....or on the fridge - drinks on the deck... even a reminder for grandpa on the door to the party - 6 so he can walk in and say 
"I cannot believe you are six"

a way to communicate with the cranky people that live here too.... a little note when one has gone to bed with the ump... 

today is going to be a great day xx mum

all communication is helpful. 

chalk it up!