Friday, July 22, 2011

DIY toadstool cushion - 10 mins tops

It's great to be on trend and toadstools are hot right now. Here is a quick diy toadstool perfect for your little tuffet.  It would make a lovely surprise for a little miss after a busy day at school. of corse it is storage also... that's a must.  This tuffet is filled with dads old shirts that are going to be used for something later. many of you have the cushions already and this is super easy

you will need
4 safety pins
a stool
spot cushion - we used ours 
but you could make one out of fabric also if you have more time or are a little handy with a needle...

Fill your cushion. push right into the corners so it's lovely and comfy to sit on.

attach ribbon to each corner. Push the safety pin through form the inside to keep it nice and tidy
Place the cushion on top of the stool . Hold both and flip
tie ribbon diagonally tightly
flip again and sit. so gorgeous. This brightened the kitchen and our rainy day easy to undo and reuse the ribbon, safety pins, cushion and stool. imagine 4 around a table with tiny cakes and pink lemonade. Just lovely
red spot cushion... 2 for 1 this week! order 1 receive 2