Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY - storage

Storage is sometimes needed now. can't wait. if that cupboard, drawer  or object falls out or over again...I may implode. know the feeling? use whatever is around the house for now just to try & get sorted. in this case we used a lovely deep bowl that we had but the result was we were never used the bowl... and I liked that bowl. We tried a  cardboard fruit box sat on the floor of the pantry. It was constantly sent to recycling

The ideal, a small space sometimes, larger others....could be folded if sadly empty, tough enough to be carried.
Voila we saved this bag that the rolls came in for the sausage sizzle , slit the side folded the top, added a label and now the potatoes have a bespoke home. less than 3 minutes. one potato 2 potato 3 potato or 4

not too sure why it wasn't sorted sooner.