Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sometimes horrid things can be fun.... really

Ok it's almost that time again. tax  I always find bits and pieces that I could have claimed. .... not this year.
Lovely enough to leave out. Too obvious to ignore. Any piece of paper I find in the car, down the back of the desk, other hand bag wherever it's going to go in the candy stripe box. 

Washi tape is fantastic, I love it. A roll goes for ages and it's a shame to not have it on display.
easily removable too

So many patterns and colours. This mini box took just 6 minutes to revamp. The corflute made it very easy to keep the stripes evenly spaced and straight too . Co ordinate with your kitchen or home office. Storage can fun too decorate

A mini would make a great present wrap ( without the tax bit) too.