Monday, May 30, 2011

interview - unique kids

A great start to the week. Our stockist interview is with Fiona from unique kids. unique kids is a little bit special to fiona kate as they were our first ever stockist and 3 years almost 4 unique kids still sell fiona kate and the party plan side of the business does too. the catalog is great , every year at christmas unique kids is a must for lovely wooden toys

How did you come to start your business?

I was working as a high school music for 15 years previous to starting my business. While I loved teaching I also wanted to be able to spend with my young children so I decided to start my own business. I basically had to start from scratch. My main focus at the time was my two daughters so it was only natural that I would create a website based around children’s products. Once the decision was made it took me around 4 months from the planning and development to have the website up and live. And then the learning began!!
How long has your business been running?

I have been running Unique Kids (
 for 4 and a half years now. We also have a party plan division of the company called Unique Kids Direct which has been running for 2 and a half years.
Can you describe your average day?
The early morning is basically spent getting my two children ready for school. Once they have been dropped off I head to the warehouse and start planning my day. We dispatch orders every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so my wonderful staff are on hand those days to ensure that the orders are pulled off the system, packing is completed and all customer correspondence is completed. On the other days I work on different areas of the business from product selection, corresponding with our consultants, processing and ordering stock and working on areas of business growth and development. Then it is time to
pick the kids up from school and my mum hat goes back on taking them to afternoon activities and completing homework. More often than not I am on the computer at night completing smaller tasks from the day.
What are you excited about for winter?
We have just expanded our range of
children’s bed linen. There are some gorgeous new designs that would suit all ages. In winter my children love nothing more than curling up under their quilts for a warm night’s sleep. I love decorating rooms and this is an area that we are so happy to be able to expand recently.

What is your favourite part about unique kids?
The flexibility of running my own business and finding
funky products to add to the website. Two mornings a week I can go to my daughters school and be involved in reading activities and then spend the rest of the day working in an area that I am enjoying every day, despite the constant work load.
Your least favourite task?
Book work. While it is kept up to date it is the regular work that it needs to be on top of the financials of running a business.
Do you have story about a day or customer you would like to share?
There are many times a day that we receive feedback emails from our
customers complimenting us on our high quality products and excellent service. We are so pleased that we have been able to make someone’s day easier in some way. The internet is fast becoming an easy and convenient way to shop for many people.
Where is your favourite spot to sit during your work day?
I would love to say that I love to sit out in the sun enjoying a well earned cup of coffee……..but the reality is that I am on the go from the time that I arrive at the warehouse to the time that I leave. Most of the day is spent in front of the computer or on the warehouse floor picking and processing orders.