Friday, April 8, 2011

in the studio - and we are not here

The last 2 days we have been at the business builders boot camp. we were the lucky winner of tickets from sourcebottle ( a fantastic resource to get your brand out there)  Learning from amazing people about small but busy businesses. 
As many of our readers run a small business also I thought I would share some great people to have a google of..  look up rachel botsom she has amazing information to share about collective collaboration. as you know collaboration is hugely popular here at fiona kate. it's alway great to hear about ho other people have grown, made mistakes learned and carried on. Have a look at justin herald too if you have a moment and need a little extra motivation to do the parts of your job you are a little less confident about. have a quick look at airbnb jut to fantasise about staying in a tree house, in a caboose or having a plane all to yourself.

 it's Friday the last day of school before school holidays - huge excitement in the house
Have a wonderful weekend