Friday, April 29, 2011

the happy home blog + real living

The lovely belinda from the happy home used our boxes to get sorted with real living. see post below... How lucky are we... belindas blog is a great spot to check out each day . Inspiring craft , DIY, gorgeous images and ideas

Homes project: dressing up storage boxes


Late last year Deb, my lovely former editor at Real Living, put my name forward for projects for the new Homes website on ninemsn. So I took up the  challenge – DIY, craft, home improvements: budget-friendly and easy ways to make improvements to your space. They’re starting to go live now, so I thought I’d point you over there for some new projects I created for the site. This one is simple: dressing up simple storage boxes with a little paint and some simple graphics. I used the super-sturdy Fiona Kate boxes (which are great to paint – if you make a mistake you can simply wipe away while the paint is still wet). The chevron now sits on Layla’s shelf and I have the others packed with paperwork next to my desk.