Monday, January 10, 2011

happy new year - kids artwork sorted

back to school.... not yet but the masterpieces from last year are still on the fridge and on the floor and under the bed oh and still in the school bag from last year
some are precious although in the middle of the school holidays it doesn't feel that way. Pop them all in a box to be sorted when the kids go back to school... over a truly hot cup of tea. If you are planning a box per child a medium is perfect to easily slide under the bed ( we do & sort through it at the end of each term) keep it simple and the system will work for you right through primary school

there are so many things you can do with the artwork
rather than have it mostly end up in recycling -

Save one for the birthday invitations this year just scan or take a photo add the birthday details and you are set. Print extras and turn it into DIY party bunting

make a mouse mat for mother's day, or dads birthday. officeworks can print this out on the spot for you. to keep the artwork stylish for the office we used the drawing/artwork as a single colour black or white & print on a colored background. we did white with lipstick red....

save 12 of your favourite to turn into a calendar- a great idea to start giving out to grandma and others in october

last minute presents are not always ideal so if you can have a few ready & waiting you feel really organised