Thursday, November 11, 2010

time to get posting

i love a countdown and if the shops are going christmas crazy it is always nice to get a head start at home too.

christmas is on it's way and it is always lovely to have something either hands on or hand made. not the kind of thing that takes ages. if your house is anything like mine everyone wants a turn...This year we will have a couple on the go . we collaborated with paperklip this year for a gorgeous DIY advent cards. we only have 3 more left... as we sent out our newsletter on Wednesday

I will start posting ours this week addressed to each one and the kids will colour them in or decorate the numbers a they arrive. each one to be popped into the major postie ready to go. i am hoping the kids do such a lovely 2, 5 7 and 8 year old job that i will keep them and smile over them next year too.

you don't have to pop them in the postie though... on a string with pegs... or washi tape them to a wall. they are a gorgeous gift idea too. pop a saying or instruction on each....or how many days until grandma comes

grab some & start sending them now.