Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a gift with passion

This is a little gift idea for is for someone you think is lovely and has a collection ( or an obsession). For me it's type. anything to do with letters, paper, type, stamps, typewriter keys and the list goes on.... if you don't share your friends, lovers, family passion sometimes it's hard to buy for but you know they would like something for this vast collection... and to be recognised as having one...

a box for the collection is always a lovely idea. this one is a mini. I have popped chalk letters all over, in it are various labels collected too special to use, washi tape & some string that came on a package that is too beautiful to throw out..

you don't have to use our boxes - we do as they are archival so everything inside will be safe & the paper will not go yellow or dusty. oh and we have lots

here are some ideas for

a knitter - always has leftover wool... grab a box and wind wool around the outside of the base a few times...

crossword puzzles - use the chalk letters and surrounding vinyl to make squares -

take a photo of lot of nails & screws. Tape it to a box for the handyman in your life....

a recipe box someone who loves to cook - hand write your favourite recipe & pop it inside to get them started.

A person who runs their own business. a box with the company name or logo looks more exciting than a label

everyone likes to keep things...and we all like gifts

this idea actually came initially from someone who does live in our little blue house. A surf obsessive but not a surfer. He is a bodyboarder, lives for it, thrives on it & has a passion that is quite amazing to be around. it is nice to be recognised for our unique passions or collections.
Not just our job or role within the family.