Monday, October 25, 2010

how & why..??

the question is how & why did you create the fiona kate box seat .
the answer was because I needed it.
hours had been spent at shops, looking through catalogues and measuring stuff.

We had a very small home with 2 little ones under 2 and another well on his way.
I wrote a list of what I needed

many sizes
wipe down
readily available
can be used in the lounge and not look like a kindy
can grow/change as our needs did
gorgeous & practical
light and easy to carry to parks & in the car
tough tough tough - no more sharp bits or cracking lids

and then added some things i needed also.
if i was going to try and make it why not.

table & chairs easy to put away to make space
inside and outside suitable
decoration and labeling
edge on the tabletop to avoid play dough & lego pieces being eaten

and so we did.... with a lot of help from my friends who measured and added to the list of demands including could they have some too in other colours

a few prototypes later it worked and so i made a few more....
we had great fun testing, jumping sitting dragging etc

as time went on we needed more ways to get sorted. although the initial nappy boxes now house
blocks, football gear - packed for next year & camping stuff