Tuesday, October 19, 2010

how many days.... it's now

a sunflower is a really lovely way to avoid the constant question how many days until?
usually a sunflower take about 11-12 weeks to grow. now is the time to plant your christmas ones.

we did this before a march birthday several years ago and the kid have asked to do it each year for chistmas since. they make a lovely present too. a happy flower or a large bunch of them that will bloom around christmas day is a great thing to take home..

Have a wonderful afternoon planting some in a pot. Try to plant at least 3 just in case your green thumbs have lost their magic.
a little water each day and a nice sunny spot and these flowers are a lovely way of saying not yet. everytime the kids ask when i answer i the sunflower out yet? after a while they will just check daily and the excitement when the yellow face blooms it's hilarious

have some fun. plant yours soon

i think you like the sacks.... 150 went out yesterday. santa has a lot to fill