Wednesday, September 1, 2010

it's our birthday and we are 3!

it's Fiona Kates 3rd birthday today on the first day of spring. Is there a huge party? a day off planned? not quite but there is a lovely cake for afternoon tea & our bestest packer received lots of his favourite cookies ( white chocolate and strawberry) plus many many orders to pack which is always great. So many of your getting ready for a huge spring clean.

We also have a birthday bonus for you too

*******A little present for you today all orders with 3 items - cos we are 3 .

Choose something to the value of $30 for free ( we thought $30 sounded alot more fun than 3)

maybe 5 string bag bundles for the present drawer,
2 chalkboards for the playroom,

celebration decals to decorate this christmas.
and art folder for fathers day
luminous butterflies just because you have always wanted some
Just order 3 items today and you can choose, just add your choice under special instructions****

have a wonderful first day of spring