Tuesday, September 7, 2010

easy banner 101

I was searching through the file today for some images.... ok procrastinating slightly. I came across this one from last christmas. it was a really easy thing to do with the kids no glue or scissors needed and you can feel good about it being a little educational too

1. we used a length of ribbon but you could just as easily use twine or string.
2. measure the ribbon to the area you would like it displayed.
3. peel off the celebration decals and stick on with your message. these can be stuck straight on the wall so no extra tacks are needed. or if you would like to hang it so you can see both sides pop another or same message on the back. 4. the double sided ones are lovely to hang in a window..the outside can say happy birthday sam & the inside the birthday boy or similar

we hung one across our front gate for a very special engagement party.