Friday, August 20, 2010

a new site and new items as well

I have been super busy this week finishing the new website pop over and take a quick look ( let me know if anything doesn't look quite right)

Brand New The simple classic label is removable and can be reused. We trialed them on jars in the dishwasher and one came unstuck on the 48th wash.... And we stuck it straight back on. Ball point pen does not wash off. Pencil can be rubbed off and the label reused. Pop them back to back for the perfect key label. Great to organise & label everything for spring. all the keys in my house are now labelled and look so nice they are out of the drawer and on display

Printed fabric. Designed & made in australia.

The poster grids are back at least for today as they sell out quickly. Our blog is actually linked which is very exciting.