Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diy advent calender

I love christmas and tend to think of little things to do and make all year. it seems I am not alone. This is our advent calendar for 2008 a lovely reader popped by our site today to ask for instructions. It very simple & looks lovely.

Use double sided coloured paper - we used spotlight scrap booking paper. 12 sheets is plenty
collect match boxes or buy some and empty the matches out.

Cut a large circle or two out of the coloured paper or you can use a square if it is easier ( the final cone just has a pointy finish) . Varying sizes looks best. We traced around saucers and side plates from the pantry. Roll into a cone shape. secure with magic tape ( clear matt sticky tape)

we used the celebration decals without letters ( 1 sheet per pack) to print the numbers on. You can print your own or ask you kids to make their own numbers also) chalk dots look great too

Wrap the match boxes using the remnants of paper. just wrap the top and two sides leaving the ends open so you can still slide the matchbox drawer out.

Cut and deleaf a branch found or from your backyard. Add ribbon to cones to hang from branch.

we placed notes for the children to find in each of the days. best to do it as you go otherwise they cheekily check them all.... simple things that will make you smile. Wake dad up by singing jingles bells etc. Also the occasional gift.

and the countdown begins....

a simple gorgeous storage chrstmas idea