Wednesday, June 9, 2010

posters grids and a lovely surprise

3 prototypes in the works some lovely suppliers who are running a little late for very good reasons. a new agent to interview all in all a busy busy day.... and then finally the discovery that made me smile a really big smile. Our free loading chickens laid an egg. not really an egg 6 in fact....eggs for brekkie tomorrow - (my sister just lent me Julies masterchef cook book today). With renewed vigor I returned to the studio to finish ... and send the latest design for a sign off....

Spring is looking very very sorted.

the lovely people over at wipasnapa mentioned our lovely postergrid alongside their fantastic personalised alphabets. the alphabets are a gorgeous idea and look lovely in any room. after struggling a little with flickr I am thinking cos we can may make the move to wipasnaper soon