Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fun for the weekend

I don't usually post about weekend doings but this one was great fun - the kids are still talking about going back. The bienale Sydney 17th Biennale @ Cockatoo Island. The day was so simple and so much fun. Public transport in sydney on Sunday fabulous. A day ticket for everyone over 5 is $2.50 to travel all day. We packed a picnic headed off on the bus. Morning tea on the manly ferry, you can catch a second ferry from circular quay there is so much to see.

Cranes from the boat building yard, tunnels & tents as well as the amazing exhibition. Truly alot of fun for everyone.

this weekend there is a fantastic craft class being run at the powerhouse museum the tinytorium workshop for kids 7-10. You do have to register and the numbers are limited. We are really looking forward to it.