Friday, May 7, 2010

mothers day

There is such alot of talk about mothers day at this time of year - the build up is huge. Fundraisers at school & advertising....
I always find the week before unknowingly I start cooking for my little ones the food of my childhood. My mum wasn't a great cook or even a good one ( no disloyalty here she was proud of the fact) but the dinners she made up for us out of a few ingredients are the ones I love.
Tonight after a chilly training at hockey, afl & auskick my gang are coming home to egg & bacon pie followed by jammy squares....hmmm

I did ask for something for mothers day this year though. A photograph of something i like. One photo from each child, with their name and age in their own writing on the back....Hopefully the start of a tradition. No matter how old they are or where in the world they are in may a photograph will come my way.

Have a wonderful weekend.