Wednesday, May 12, 2010


monsters - create space you can use not a space that scares you.
sometimes you need to keep things. they are not clutter but they do take up space. soft toys, spare clothes, books, old study notes, your spare bags & backpacks or even your sleeping bag.... or the household linen. The fiona kate monster can turn that stuff into space. clean tidy space. a new spot to put your feet up on. or the kids to draw at... a place for games or just to pop into the garage.

A toybox to decorate with letters, chalkboards, spots to match the decor. In our attic play room we use 3 to line up side by side to create a kids work station & clear the floor at the same time.
Go for a Thomas theme with red base & blue lid...a very useful monster.

You can divide and conquer adding sections inside to keep every piece of every game together....hmmm it is possible. size is 54cmwide x 28cm high x 72cm deep