Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lovely snuggling

it's been chilly and rainy and difficult to get going in the morning... and rain did i mention rain???

once night falls give in to your inner nanna and get out those rugs, blankies & throws for nights on the couch. Sometime a fav is not pretty. Or if left draped so stylishly becomes the roof of a cubby...don't play it's mine with your 4 year old. Hide it.

Our gorgeous storage cushion is a sneaky way to make sure you can always be comfy. Pop your rug, book and a pair of socks inside it looks like a gorgeous knitted cushion by day and by night it's a rug, a book and warm feet. How fabulous it that. the inner fold keeps your items together and the super stretch knit keeps the cushion looking... well cushion like.