Monday, May 17, 2010

chalkboard obsession....

I was searching for an image on my computer and 36 lovely chalky pics came up. i think i may be a little obsessed.... going through photos at home last night it was hard not to miss so many of chalkboards.... They are so useful. when you see one it's hard not to add to it. and although they are removable I never take them down just keep adding. we countdown to christmas, birthdays and easter. write little reminders and silly notes and label our jars. the list is endless. I love to glance at the inside of a cupboard, room or cubby house and see a brand new drawing has arrived.

I think i will embrace it and pop up a chalkboard happy birthday banner this weekend for a very special boy.I will cut the lovely chalkboard into triangles using the whole sheet and pop it on the wall behind where most of the pics will be taken
lovely and this one i will take down