Wednesday, April 21, 2010

let it glow

it does look much but it's magic in a paint pot. No we don't sell it fiona kate but we used it at home awhile back just very simple dots on the attic ceiling just dots large and small everywhere. a really really easy thing to do. Turn the lights off & wait. Slowing they light up. The dots twinkle as each dot have a varied amount of the lumilite and it seems 3D. It is charged by the light and is usually used as emergency paint on stairs etc. Oh and you can not see the dots by day so it won't mess up your ceiling. We used the skye blue there are 3 colours available.

Our little ones loved it and have had a few sleep overs in the last couple of weeks. I have completed 3 other rooms for their friends with this one little pot and it's not empty yet.

Fab for sleep overs or a little surprise in the hallway