Thursday, March 11, 2010


I love surprises
a while ago went to miss bellas house ( age 4) and had a wonderful time.

I showed her the butterfly decals and offered to pop some up for her. “No thank you Fi I will do it myself, you may help “.and away she went. Not near her bed but in fact on theopposite wall so she could see them when laying in the bed. I did not let on that they were luminous until we were finished and I said how surprised she would be that night when it was dark at bedtime... Once again bella beat me to it by letting down blockout shades so it was dark right away... "Ooohhh they are magic so magic" and that was the best response in the world.
So if you have a little time this is a lot of fun and can inspire bedtime too
it's impossible to show the glow here but by day they are a gorgeous pale green ( not the nasty flouro colour ) and by night they shine