Monday, March 22, 2010

easter project

it's funny the things you remember. When I was small an old lady who lived next door to us was so interesting. before her time even. She did not crochet or knit but went to feminist rallys & discussed politics, only watched the BBC. Her husband equally lovely, spent alot of time in his shed. each easter she used to put a huge egg shape in her window. it was just cardboard covered with easter egg wrapped and to me looked amazing. I coveted that egg.... and when they finally had to move I asked to keep it. 8 year olds can be quite cheeky!... i didn't get it.

this year we are on the road to making one ourselves. the kids are enjoying the process ( eating the eggs) it may take all the way to easter friday but we will eat enough eggs ( in the name of craft) to cover that huge template....