Wednesday, March 17, 2010

create a mobile ofice

We have been shooting our new office products all week. Inspired by the idea of working looking out of the window... when the little guy is asleep

I have been testing the idea of a mobile office... in my fav spot by the window where I am sure I will get through ALOTt more work

For me it's pantone book, labels, folders, ribbons, scissors and product samples - not the phone too distracting. When you think you have everything try to work a whole day only using the things in this box. Gather things that make you happy don't pop the old pair of scissors in this box the ones that hardly work. Pack the blue ones that are shiny...

It's much easier than it sounds.

here is the great bit ...... make the spot comfy.. cushions for support , tea by your side and don't forget to pop to the loo first. Now slowly slowly sit... and enjoy the amount of work you will get through in your favourite spot.

Keep all of your needed items in this box. Unpack into the lid only ( see our pics) so if you are interrupted you can quite easily gather your office together for another time. It will all still be there and so will your favourite place