Friday, December 16, 2011

write your name - revisited

Todays post is a revisit and a little walk down memory lane. while my little guy can now write really well and we have finally worked out he is a lefty this is a great off to school gift or a lovely activity over the school holidays. 

Does it matter if they know how to write their name before going to school?  knowing how to open their lunchbox is much more pressing. 

if you have little ones eager to learn or who love to write anywhere at anytime this may be the idea for you.
Our chalk letters have been a hit for all those little ones eager to get their letters right.

Our little guy is off to school this year and although great with the tiniest lego bits, the accuracy of the pencil is not quite there yet. He loves chalk so we stuck his name up on the wall and he loves to write his name over the letters. So simple and a lot of fun....

the names of the whole family are useful too.

We used the
'a' most commonly used in picture books to make recognition easier when reading.

If you prefer to teach writing with the a just chop the stick from the d yes I know we do concentrate ALOT on detail here